Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here Kitty, Kitty...

You know who we are XX Cheer Station!
So proud!

Cousin Taylor is a cheerleader too!

Help ever, hurt never! House of Blues onesie from Grandma.

So, if you're wondering about the title of my post it is because Mr. Jackson has starting making this hilarious sound like a cat purring. It is so funny and he does it all the time! I think he likes the way it feels on his tongue. He really does it when he's happy or being mischievous getting into something he shouldn't.

Here are some of the naughty things that Jackson just loves to do:
1. Chew on power cords
2. Eat dog food
3. Play in the dog's water bowl
4. Open the door to Kylie's room and go into her nightstand to pull things out of it.
5. Chew on the dog's hippo toy (are we seeing a trend here?)
6. Roll over while we are trying to change his diaper or get him dressed
7. Open the kitchen cabinets and pull things out
8. Examine the cat litter (disgusting!)
Here are some of the things that Jackson does that I love:
1. Jibber jabber all the time - he's quite talkative!
2. Crawl really fast from me when I say "I'm gonna get you..." It's so cute.
3. Pull up on my leg for me to pick him up.
4. Play with Kylie's kitchen. He plays with it more than she does.
5. Pretend like he's driving really fast with his car toy.
6. Laughs all the time.
7. Chow down on his puffs. He can't get enough of those.
8. Hold his own bottle or play with my hair while he's drinking it.
9. Falls asleep on my shoulder with his blankie.
10. Will hear the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse from across the house and
crawl to the living room to see it.
(takes after Adam's papa Ralph for loving Mickey Mouse).

We are all done with our interviewing process at Regents School of Austin, so now we just wait to see if they accept Kylie. In my opinion, they would be blessed to have her! She just had her first real cheerleading competition on Saturday and she was so great. They are just a show team, so they technically don't compete. She got her first medal and is so proud of it. She's determined to win more medals than mommy and I hope she does! It is extremely surreal to see her doing cheer. Was it really that long ago when it was me out there?