Thursday, May 12, 2011

Grab your umbrella!!!

You know we needed rain so badly when Facebook is inundated wtih comments about how excited people are that it is raining. Jackson spent quite a bit of time just staring out the window this morning. It's like a phenomenon that it's raining. Hopefully this will bring some pretty flowers and green, green grass! Thank you Lord for the rain!

This past weekend was a big weekend for me. On Friday, I turned 33 years old. Hard to believe, but yes, one more year closer to 35. Kylie came into my room in the morning and with her sweet little voice said "happy birthday mommy" and it started my day off perfectly. Then, Adam and Jackson brought be back breakfast tacos for breakfast, yum! I don't reallydig breakfast very much, but I love me some breakfast tacos! For lunch I met my mom and Deanna at Kerbey Lane for a birthday lunch which is always a treat. We all live here, but our schedules rarely allow us to have even a meal together. Aunt D gave me a free night of babysitting and a movie! Yay! My kids love her, so I am excited they will get a fun night with Aunt D while mommy has a fun night out. Recently Jackson has started spending time with D on Thursdays and he loves it. She truly has a true gift with kids. They are just drawn to her and my kids are no different. He talks about her all the time. I know they always have fun adventures when they are together and I am so happy they are making some sweet memories together. Kylie loves Aunt D too. She thinks having slumber parties at her house might just be the greatest thing ever. Nevermind that she is treated like royalty when she is over there! I am so glad our family is all close. We are so very blessed.

For my birthday evening, Adam and I went to Hula Hut to have my favorite meal - the chicken and avocado tubular taco. It is the greatest thing ever!!! I would have loved to down a margarita, but not this year! After dinner we went and saw the movie Source Code which was actually pretty entertaining. I didn't fall asleep so it must have been good. The kiddos spent the night with Grandma and Big Pa so we slept in until 10:00 on Saturday! Wow! That was AWESOME!

Mother's Day we went to a very nice brunch at Perry's Steakhouse hosted by some of my mom's very dear friends. The set-up was so nice and the food was amazing. I got a pork chop that could have fed about 3 people I think! We don't eat out much, so going to a place like this is super special. I love celebrating my mom on a special day, however, one day would never be enough! She is the most amazing mom in the world and I could never express how much I love and appreciate her. After the brunch, we headed over to the Biehler's to enjoy some more family time (in the pool of course) and dinner. Having the pool has been so much fun for the kids. They have such a blast. Jackson still isn't quite sure about getting off the side ledge, but honestly, I am glad! He is usually so daring that it's scary, so I'll take it while I can get it!

Better get back to work, just needed a little break for my mind!