Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy 2 Months!

Happy 2 Months Carter!

Hard to believe he's 2 months old now!

We are loving his sweet smiles and little "goooos" when he talks to us:)

He weighs 11 lbs. 9 oz. and is 23" long!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wow - October already!

My Beautiful Indian Princess

Bath Time!

Cutest. Thing. Ever!


GRANDMA MARY and her newest love

It's hard to believe October is already here and baby Carter will be 2 months old soon. Kylie is doing so well in first grade and is really enjoying horseback riding lessons and her weekly dance class at school. Every day I ask her what was the best part of her day and it never fails for her to answer "outside". She loves to play outside and chase the boys (I think that's what she really likes).

Jackson is doing really well at school too! He's now in school 4 days a week - two days at Bannockburn and two days at Westlake Presbyterian. I actually think it works really well to change things up a bit and not go to the same place every day. We sometimes hear that he has a hard time with "kind hands" which always makes me sad, but I hope it's something he will grow out of. Basically, if someone has something he wants, he has no problem using force to get it from them. He really has such a sweet heart, but he uses his strength to get his way when he needs to. He's talking up a storm too! We get tickled at him all the time over things he says. It's like he's just sponge soaking up every word he hears. It's amazing! And, here I was worried he wouldn't be a big talker. Proved me wrong!

Carter is growing and growing. We are still having some issues with his tummy and trying to figure out what it is that has him so uncomfortable. We've tried different meds and I've cut out just about everything from my diet, but he's still very sensitive and wants to be held 24/7. It is puzzling and frustrating to not know what is bothering him, but I am hopeful things will turnaround soon. Now, it's time to decide if he needs to see a specialist or just continue doing what we're doing. His hair is slowing falling out, but I still think we have a brunette, brown-eyed hunk this time! He loves being outside and his warm baths. He smiles when Kylie and Jackson talk to him, which is so precious. I think he gets overwhelmed by them sometimes, but I can tell he knows who they are.

Adam has been so busy taking care of Kylie and Jackson and working. He's really stepped up and is doing a great job! Having three kids is a whole new level of activity which requires some serious stamina. I am now back working full time, so Grandma Mary has now become the caretaker for a third time. She's like super woman trying to manage hers and everyone else's schedules. I don't know what we'd do without her.

I'm so looking forward to Fall activities with Halloween and Thanksgiving... just one step closer to Christmas!