Friday, August 28, 2015

My Baby Boy is Four!

It is really hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that this sweet guy has been here for four years already! Considering he's the baby it just doesn't seem right! I am so thankful for his tender heart, his sweet compliments, and his hugs and kisses. He's such a polite little guy and is always thinking of others. He melts my heart. Just the other day he asked Grandma Mary to help him get me something special, so he picked out some beautiful roses! God blesses me every, single day with this sweet boy.

Now, that he's four, here's some important facts about Carter Man -

Favorite Foods - Eggo waffles, Cream of Wheat, Tacos, Cheeseburgers, Apple Sauce, Bananas, PB Sandwiches, Pizza, and Chicken Nuggets. He still has a love affair with Apple Juice.

Dislikes - Pretty much any other food not listed above. Seriously. He doesn't like much of anything. The boy doesn't even eat donuts... what? Crazy.

Weight - Approximately 43 lbs.

Clothing Size - Still rocking some 3T and moving into 4T.

Shoe Size - 11. He loves his new Skechers he got for school:)

Favorite Books - Batman Lego, Go Dog Go, Are You My Mother?, Dinotrux.

Favorite Shows - Mighty Machines, Dinotrux, Spongebob, Chuggington.

Other fun facts - He loves swings... and swinging really high! He has a very good sense of direction. He is swimming like a rockstar. He starts his first team sport in a few weeks - soccer! He just started Pre-K at Bannockburn Christian Academy and is the youngest boy in his class. He turned 4 the day before school started.

We celebrated his fourth birthday with a weekend of fun activities he got to pick and then celebrated with cousins at our house and the Minions!