Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sic 'Em Bears!

Rainy Game! No umbrellas so a sac will do!

Brad (my old cheer coach) was there too!

All the girls!
Deanna, Katie, Kylie, Becky, Grandma Mary, Taylor

Kylie and I on the field!

I still can't believe I graduated from Baylor 10 years ago! Really? And, after visiting the campus, it felt like 10 years. I was amazed at how much it has grown and really changed for the better. Everything looks so nice and the grounds are more beautiful than I even remembered.

We headed to Waco on Friday afternoon (Kylie and I) just in time to get there and have some Ninfa's. Oh, how I love you Ninfarita and how I've missed you! We met up with friends and had a super dinner. Then, we headed over to campus for the bonfire. The Baylor bonfire is pretty tragic, but I know they try hard. Once you've seen the old A&M bonfire in all it's massive glory, it's hard to look at any other bonfires the same. Still, it was a fun event! We stayed long enough to see the yell leaders, hear the band, and sing "that Good Ole Baylor Line...." and then we headed out. Living in a town surrounded by Longhorns and working for an Aggie-owned company in Aggieland itself, sometimes this Baylor Bear gets lonely! So, it was nice to be surrounded by my fellow bears for a weekend.

The next morning we were up bright and early to go see the ever-so-famous Homecoming Parade. The floats were great as usual and I'm glad Kylie got to see what the parade is all about. Tri Delts float was super cute, but unfortunately didn't win any awards. The winning KOT float was amazing! It had a miniature ferris wheel and roller coaster that actually worked. I was thoroughly impressed.

Then, we spent some time walking around the campus, taking some pictures, and checking out the floats up-close after they had parked them. The rain was off and on, but we had no idea what was yet to come later that day. We picked up some Cracker Barrel (yum) and headed back to the hotel for a short break before game time. When we got the game as we were walking into the stadium, they were evacuating what soon would be 20,000 people out of the stands and under them. Yikes! Luckily, I found a small ramp to sit on for the next hour or so while we waited to be let back in the stands. When we finally got back in the stands, the temperature dropped drastically! Then, everyone headed to the shop in the stadium in a frenzy to buy every blanket and sweatshirt on the shelf. It was a mad-house! I ended up buying an XL long sleeve tee because it was the smallest size they had left! At this point, I was starting to worry I would never make it down on the field for the spirit squad alumni reunion during the 3rd quarter. I had been so excited to get back on the field for one more time. I loved being down there. I never cared whether we won or loss, it was always a great joy to be out there cheering.

Luckily, Kylie and I made it down to the locker room during half time to get ready to go out on the field during 3rd quarter. Unfortunately, they wouldn't let kids on the field which I thought was strange they didn't mention that after I specifically said I was bringing my daughter. Kind of important information! Luckily my mom, sis, and nieces were there so she went back and sat with them. During the third quarter, Michelle Nall and I did our thing (mainly just clapping and cheering on the bears) while a group of forty-somethings having their 20-year reunion proceeded to kick our booties. They were stunting, jumping and even tumbling. What? They even remembered the fight song. It was hard to believe it was their 20 year reunion the way they were getting after it and cheering like a bunch of youngsters. It was awesome!

What ended up being a very loooooong game, turned out to be well worth the wait as BU beat KSU and is now eligible for a bowl game. Sic 'Em Bears! So proud of my team!

On Sunday we paid a visit to Lady and Joy, the current Baylor bears who have a pretty sweet pad there on campus. They might be the most spoiled bears ever, but they deserve it! Then, we headed back home to be with our guys whom we left behind for the reunion weekend.

I'm so glad I went back and can't wait to go back again. Such great memories of my four years in Waco. Treasured memories for sure! Who knows, maybe Kylie will rootin' for the green and gold some day? I hope so!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

10 Years Already...

It is hard to believe in one week I will be on the Baylor campus celebrating my 10 year reunion. I still feel like it was only a few years ago. Since then, I've been married, had two babies, moved a few times, and even managed to work for the same company for ten years. It will be interesting to be back on campus with Kylie in a whole new way, with a whole new outlook on life. Sometimes I miss those days of going to class, cheering at games, and hanging out with friends every, single day. I hope to see some familiar faces that I haven't seen in a long while and to do some of the things I would have considered dorky before. I am really excited about showing Kylie around the campus, standing with her at the parade, introducing her to the Baylor bear, and taking her down on the field with me during the 3rd quarter.

Yep, that's right! I'm going to go down on the field for the yell leader alumni gathering during the third quarter. I have such great memories of being on that field. I didn't care whether we won or loss, I just loved being in front of the crowd. I miss it! I guess here's another chance, so to speak. Watch out Floyd Casey... here I come!

Here are some updates on the kiddos:

Kylie is a busy girl, as usual. She is really loving her piano lessons and got her Christmas piece this week. I love watching her sit at the piano and play and can really imagine her there playing some amazing piece some day. So, I'm anxious to see how she does with "Away in a Manger" for her recital! Her cheer team at Cheer Station is working hard to prepare for their first competition in November. I will be a nervous wreck for that one, and it's not because I'm worried she won't hit her tricks. I mean, the girl does a cartwheel for goodness sake. No, I will be worried that she'll completely forget what she is supposed to do or where she's supposed to go and stand there freaked out. Uggggghhhh. They are just so little and a whole routine is so hard to remember! I am so proud of what a great big sister she is. She is so wonderful to Jackson. I feel so blessed to have such a good big sister in her. Jackson loves her so much and Kylie really takes good care of him. She's always looking out for him and loves to make him laugh. It's nice having a little mommy every once in a while to let me know if he's doing something he shouldn't and I miss it. He's so quick, it's almost like I need four eyes to watch him! She got an abnormal read on her hearing test at school, which I was surprised to hear. I'm sure it's nothing, but I have to take her to the doctor to get it checked again. I'm sure she has perfectly fine hearing, but those calls from the school always freak me out!

And, my little stinker Jackson. Yes, he is such a toot. I swear I have never seen a kid move as fast as he does. He can get into something quicker than you can even imagine. I feel like I'm telling him "no" about a million times a day. He still doesn't quite get it. He usually just looks at me and grins when I scold him- arrrrghhhh. He got a horrible tummy virus this week when I was out of town (of course), but luckily Grandma Mary was with him and got him to the doctor. On top of it all, he had an ear infection too. Poor baby. He's still not really talking which worries me a bit, but I'm sure he'll catch right up when he's ready. He understands so many things, so I know he gets it, he just can't speak it. I can give him a command like "go get the hat" and he knows what I'm saying, so we'll see how much longer he holds out on us. He's enjoying his time with Grandma Mary during the day when they go to Gymboree and Jumpy Gym. I'm so glad he is able to do those things, even if I can't take him. We found his first favorite movie and it happens to be "Alvin and the Chipmunks!" He actually sat on the floor to watch some of it yesterday. I was shocked! And he laughs and claps with the movie. So, we'll be tuning in to that one quite a bit, I'm sure!

Adam is recovering from the same brutal stomach virus Jackson had. He was laid up for about two days and couldn't really eat anything. He was miserable and I am not only glad he is feeling better (although still a little sluggish), but I didn't get it. I think the Lord is protecting me from it, knowing I have no time to be sick and out of commission. Nope, not an option for this lady. He won second place in a golf tournament on Monday which I thought was very impressive! He loves this time of year full of football, football, football. And, the Rangers are in the playoffs...yeah!!!

I have been working crazy hours the past few weeks. From multiple trips to College Station to train and late nights to catch up, I am one tired momma. It has been so exhausting to keep up with everything and it will continue until about mid-December, so Lord help me stay strong! This time of year is always hectic and challenging, but I seem to get through it after all is said and done. I am losing one of my best employees soon and I am sad to see her go, but I know she will be a great full-time mom. My new hire has a lot of potential and I feel blessed to have found her so quickly. Fingers crossed she can pick things up quickly and mesh well with the job and the team.

In an effort to get my body back into shape and just overall healthier, I started a cleanse this week. No sugar, bread, soda, coffee, dairy, red meat, and so on. Ugggghhhhh. I've been hungry for four days now! Only 6 days to go and I'm counting down people. I am hopeful this will jumpstart my get healthy goal to a better me inside and out! If I could just get my booty to the gym, I would be pumped (no pun intended).

Adam and I are a part of the Married Life class at Stone this semester. We enjoyed the class so much last time, we offered to help with this one. We have already gotten to know some neat people and are excited about the friendships we build as a result of the class. Not only that, we get to hear the messages about a godly marriage again. You can't hear those too many times! One thing we always talk about in class is how at our 50 year anniversary we don't want people to just say we "endured" marriage. That's not enough to just endure marriage. My goal for our marriage is to be one of testimony, one that represents God's intention for marriage. It's a lofty goal, but it's one we will work year after year to attain. Then, at our 50 year anniversary it won't be that we just endured... it will be a story of two people who touched many lives by just the example of their love for one another.

I guess I'll close this out now! That's what happens when you only blog once a month! Love to all. Until next time...