Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bend it Like Beckham

I really have no idea what that means, nor did I see the movie.  I know it's related to soccer somehow, so there you go.  My attempt at being clever!  Jackson started his first team sport - soccer!!! Adam nor I have ever actually played soccer, so this is all new to us.  Luckily, right now it's really just a matter of getting kids to actually stay on the field and possibly kick the ball in the right direction and not take it away from their teammates.

It's been quite entertaining so far.  We only have about three to four kids out of seven that will actually go out and play.  The others stand on the sideline and pout or cry, and if they do go on the field, they pout and cry.  I am SO glad Jackson isn't doing that.  I think I would quit going!

Jackson's first real game was a challenge.  They played three mini games and it was so hot.  I think he just about gave it all he had in the first game and didn't have much left for the rest.  Poor guy.  He was so tired and hot.  I was really proud of his efforts though. 

His second game went great!  The team they played was definitely more advanced than our sweet Falcons, but Jackson hustled and even scored a few goals.  His victory cheers after he scores are priceless.  We need to get them on video.  You would think he just scored the winning goal at the World Cup.  It's awesome and we love his enthusiasm!

My hope for him in all this is to get the feel for the "team" atmosphere, work on his coordination, and have a really FUN time most of all.  So far, I think we're headed in the right direction!  And, he just looks so darn adorable in his little uniform (spoken like a true mom, I know).  Maybe I need to get one of those buttons made with his picture on it and wear it to every game.  Too much?  Yeah, I thought so:)


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bras and Battles

If I think back to the grades in school that I remember, third grade is the one I really remember well.  It's weird to me that Kylie is now in that time of her life and it seems like yesterday I was there!  I remember it was the year my family moved from small-town Midland to big-time Austin.  We loaded up that U-Haul and never looked back.  I spent my first 10 years in Midland, but Austin will always be my home.

Back to Kylie...oh Kylie.  I just love that girl. So, here is where we are these days.  She is still just as sharp as a tack and catches on so quickly.  Nothing about school seems to phase her a bit, at least not yet!  Her teacher is just amazing (as they all are) and I know she will love, encourage and support Kylie in all she does.

It's Horse-Riding Mondays, Voice on Wednesdays, Turbo Tumbling on Fridays (that's a whole other story) and Piano on Saturdays.  She loves horse and looks so beautiful when she's riding.  My heart just swells with pride at her grace in that saddle.  To be so young and yet so graceful and powerful on a huge horse is inspiring to me.  We actually haven't started voice yet, but I look forward to hearing her voice develop.  She is very gifted musically (not like me at all in that way) and her voice is so sweet.  Turbo Tumbling is, let's just say, not her favorite.  It's hard for her.  She's stocky like her mom and dad.  Inflexible, again they called me "crowbar" in cheer folks, and it's just hard for her.  She doesn't like it at all and pretty much gave me a good hour scolding about making her do it.  That was fun.  But, I'm Team Kylie.  I love her and she has to understand I know what's best for her.  I know she will someday.  Until then, we'll just keep showing up with a smile or not!  Our sweet piano teacher is back teaching after a hiatus for health reasons.  We didn't go with another teacher while she was out because we just love her! I was so glad she recovered and could teach Kylie again.  Having the right teacher is so important.

Okay, now to more fun things.  Kylie got her first bra not long ago!  Hilarious.  Okay, I didn't wear a bra until 6th grade and my mom forced me to.  I was so embarrassed and didn't want to admit I was actually becoming a young lady.  Heaven-forbid!  Not my Kylie!  She begged me to get her one.  It even has a little padding in it.  The first day she got it she was walking around in it with her underwear (something I would have NEVER done) and Jackson kept pushing on her "boobies" as he calls it and laughing hysterically.  Oh, I just love those moments.  They make life worth living I swear. 

Then, she starts talking to me about how old she has to be to shave her legs and get her ears double-pierced.  What?  I don't know who is encouraging this, but I'm about to lock her up for a few years.  Adam just doesn't even know what to think about all of it.  Oh, just wait my dear until she becomes a teenager.  Brutal.

Who knows what this year will hold?  I have a feeling it's going to be one to remember!