Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Hooplah

Well, the holidays are among us and it's been a fun (& exhausting) time! We had a really great Christmas this year. Kylie is very caught up in the magic of Christmas which makes it so fun for us.
We spent Christmas Eve with the Biehlers and D'Amuras which is always a fun, but crazy time with 4 little ones. Little Lucy is pretty quiet, mainly just the other 3 musketeers!
Adam and I didn't sleep well at all Christmas Eve... maybe out of anticipation, but that did make Christmas day a bit harder.
Kylie really loved her gifts from Santa and her family. Her favorite gift from Santa was her pink Mustang. She is quite the envy of the neighborhood! She also loves the baking kit Gigi and Gramps gave her. We've made cookies a few times already with it. She's quite the cook (unlike her mommy).
We've enjoyed playing with her new games and reading her new books. This was also the year of the baby dolls. She got one that says the names of body parts in English and Spanish, one that pretends to go on the potty and brush its teeth and one that actually does potty. Oh boy, we're having fun now!
It's hard to believe that 2009 is going to be here so quickly and what a big year it will be. It's still sinking in that we'll have another baby and Kylie turns 4 years old on the 24th. So exciting!
Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Happy Holidays

We are all so excited about the holidays! To make it even better, it is stinkin' cold here. Maybe a cold Christmas this year? I hope so. Kylie got her picture with Santa Claus and Adam and I are enjoying using Santa as leverage for good behavior. "Remember, Santa's watching..." I hope we can hang on to that for many years to come! Here are some ideas of what we have on our wish lists this year.

Kylie - A Barbie Car (pink, convertible, mustang). She has very good taste.
An easy-bake oven
Pretty much anything else she sees on tv or in the store.

Adam - Rockband - oh yeah baby. Fun for the whole family!!!

Becky - A digital picture frame and a gps system for my car. When God handed out the capacity to configure directions and geography, I think He skipped me! Anyone who has ever gone anywhere with me would know that.

Harley - A new bed

Pudge - Maybe a good belly rub and a brushing. He's easy to please.