Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013!

What a great Christmas week we have had.  It has been so nice to be off of work this week to spend time together and really enjoy this holiday season.  I treasure each day I have with my kiddos to play and spend the entire day in our jammies!!!  I love it! The boys and I snuggled on the couch watching "Mighty Machines" of course, and I just wanted to freeze that moment in time.
No greater gift could ever been given to me than what I've received in my children.  Nothing could ever compare. 
I'm so thankful for a gracious and merciful God who has given me such a wonderful family to share this life with:)

 "These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full."
John 15:11 ESV

"I have told you these things, that My joy and delight may be in you, and that your joy and gladness may be of full measure and complete and overflowing." John 15:11

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Twick or Tweeeeet!

I'm a bit delayed in posting about our Halloween, but this was the best Halloween I can remember in a LONG time. 
My three little blessings were Spiderina (Kylie of course), Sir Jackson the knight, and Captain Carter James the pirate - arrrrgh.  He looked so stinkin' cute I could barely stand it.
Okay, so some funny things I want to remember about this Halloween.
First of all, Jackson decided he wanted to wear his knight costume that he's had now for 2 years.  I thought that was easy enough.  Get him a sword and some black boots and we're good to go!  Luckily the costume did fit him, but I will say I'm glad he was wearing boots so no one could see his pants were too short!
We get all dressed up and we start to head down the street to go Trick-or-Treating and Jackson will not go up to anyone's house!  I ask him why he's not going to get any candy and he says, "I don't know them, they are strangers!"  Oh geez.  Only Jackson would say that,  It was just so true to his personality.  He did get comfortable with it after seeing Kylie do it and me explaining how it's okay because his parents are with him and it's our neighbors on Halloween.  That kid just cracks me up every day.  He drives me kinda nutso everyday too, but God love him, he's awesome.
Carter was a rockstar at Trick-or-Treating. He actually walked quite a ways and enjoyed getting his candy in his bag and was great at saying Thank You. So, this was the first year all three kids really got to participate in Halloween which made it a GREAT time.
I don't ever want to take for granted these special nights I have with my children. Soon enough, they will just be a memory in my mind and in pictures I've taken. I look forward to many new memories, but I so cherish the old ones too:)

 Spiderina is so pretty!
 Ahoy there me hearties!
 Don't mess with me... I have a sword.
My Sweet Blessings

Monday, October 28, 2013

"I don't like that..."

Carter said his first full sentence on Saturday! Typically they are broken sentences more like "don't like" or "don't like that" but he doesn't use "me" or "I" all that much yet.  But, he's really starting to form more complete sentences now!

I feel it's important to blog about because I look back and can't remember when the important milestones happen!  When it was just Kylie it was super easy to remember, but now that there are three of them... well, let's just say brain fog has set in.

The things I hear mostly from little man these days are:
"Go in mommy's car?"
"Go in grandma's car?"
"Pick me up"
"Here you go mommy"
"No nap" (gotta love this one)
"What was that noise?"
"What doing?"

Such a sweet boy.  I especially love it that he calls Jackson by his full name Jackson Ralph.  I don't know why I think it's so stinkin' cute, but I do!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Baylor Homecoming

My mom, Kylie and I all headed up to Waco last Friday for Baylor Homecoming!

We got to see Pigskin Revue and that, of course, was great.  I was disappointed Tri Delts weren't in it, but it was still great!

After that, we went to go check out the bonfire for a bit and then Kylie and Grandma were too pooped to party, so we went back to the hotel.

The next day it was early to rise and head to the parade!!!  It was a littly chilly for my taste, but I always love seeing the floats and all the hard work that's put into them.

Then, a bit of shopping at the bookstore, along with about a million other people!

The highlight was going to Ninfa's for lunch! Whooohooo!  Love that place:)  Of course, after a ninfarita (or maybe 1.5) it was time for a siesta before the big game. 

My Bears did some damage to the Cyclones and whipped some booty!  Sic 'Em!

What a fun weekend with my girls!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jackson Pre-K

Here's my little handsome man...

He has already learned so much and his love for learning has increased dramatically!
He is so excited to show me all he has done through the week when he brings home his folder on Thursdays.  He's also started playing ABC Mouse and really enjoys it.  It's fun and games to him, but he's really learning while he's doing it:)
I can't wait to see what he can do by the end of this year!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bend it Like Beckham

I really have no idea what that means, nor did I see the movie.  I know it's related to soccer somehow, so there you go.  My attempt at being clever!  Jackson started his first team sport - soccer!!! Adam nor I have ever actually played soccer, so this is all new to us.  Luckily, right now it's really just a matter of getting kids to actually stay on the field and possibly kick the ball in the right direction and not take it away from their teammates.

It's been quite entertaining so far.  We only have about three to four kids out of seven that will actually go out and play.  The others stand on the sideline and pout or cry, and if they do go on the field, they pout and cry.  I am SO glad Jackson isn't doing that.  I think I would quit going!

Jackson's first real game was a challenge.  They played three mini games and it was so hot.  I think he just about gave it all he had in the first game and didn't have much left for the rest.  Poor guy.  He was so tired and hot.  I was really proud of his efforts though. 

His second game went great!  The team they played was definitely more advanced than our sweet Falcons, but Jackson hustled and even scored a few goals.  His victory cheers after he scores are priceless.  We need to get them on video.  You would think he just scored the winning goal at the World Cup.  It's awesome and we love his enthusiasm!

My hope for him in all this is to get the feel for the "team" atmosphere, work on his coordination, and have a really FUN time most of all.  So far, I think we're headed in the right direction!  And, he just looks so darn adorable in his little uniform (spoken like a true mom, I know).  Maybe I need to get one of those buttons made with his picture on it and wear it to every game.  Too much?  Yeah, I thought so:)


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bras and Battles

If I think back to the grades in school that I remember, third grade is the one I really remember well.  It's weird to me that Kylie is now in that time of her life and it seems like yesterday I was there!  I remember it was the year my family moved from small-town Midland to big-time Austin.  We loaded up that U-Haul and never looked back.  I spent my first 10 years in Midland, but Austin will always be my home.

Back to Kylie...oh Kylie.  I just love that girl. So, here is where we are these days.  She is still just as sharp as a tack and catches on so quickly.  Nothing about school seems to phase her a bit, at least not yet!  Her teacher is just amazing (as they all are) and I know she will love, encourage and support Kylie in all she does.

It's Horse-Riding Mondays, Voice on Wednesdays, Turbo Tumbling on Fridays (that's a whole other story) and Piano on Saturdays.  She loves horse and looks so beautiful when she's riding.  My heart just swells with pride at her grace in that saddle.  To be so young and yet so graceful and powerful on a huge horse is inspiring to me.  We actually haven't started voice yet, but I look forward to hearing her voice develop.  She is very gifted musically (not like me at all in that way) and her voice is so sweet.  Turbo Tumbling is, let's just say, not her favorite.  It's hard for her.  She's stocky like her mom and dad.  Inflexible, again they called me "crowbar" in cheer folks, and it's just hard for her.  She doesn't like it at all and pretty much gave me a good hour scolding about making her do it.  That was fun.  But, I'm Team Kylie.  I love her and she has to understand I know what's best for her.  I know she will someday.  Until then, we'll just keep showing up with a smile or not!  Our sweet piano teacher is back teaching after a hiatus for health reasons.  We didn't go with another teacher while she was out because we just love her! I was so glad she recovered and could teach Kylie again.  Having the right teacher is so important.

Okay, now to more fun things.  Kylie got her first bra not long ago!  Hilarious.  Okay, I didn't wear a bra until 6th grade and my mom forced me to.  I was so embarrassed and didn't want to admit I was actually becoming a young lady.  Heaven-forbid!  Not my Kylie!  She begged me to get her one.  It even has a little padding in it.  The first day she got it she was walking around in it with her underwear (something I would have NEVER done) and Jackson kept pushing on her "boobies" as he calls it and laughing hysterically.  Oh, I just love those moments.  They make life worth living I swear. 

Then, she starts talking to me about how old she has to be to shave her legs and get her ears double-pierced.  What?  I don't know who is encouraging this, but I'm about to lock her up for a few years.  Adam just doesn't even know what to think about all of it.  Oh, just wait my dear until she becomes a teenager.  Brutal.

Who knows what this year will hold?  I have a feeling it's going to be one to remember! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of Pre-K

Jackson's First Day of Pre-K at Bannockburn Christian Academy

4 Years Old
Favorite Foods: Chicken Nuggets, Eggs, Pancakes, Donuts
Favorite Toys: Lion, Trucks, Trains, Cars, Tools
Favorite Books: Berenstein Bears Series
Favorite Shows: Fireman Sam, Berenstein Bears, Mighty Machines
Favorite thing to wear: His footsie jammers, fireman tennis shoes, and jeans.
Still loves to wake Mama up during the night for snuggles.
Wakes up super early and doesn't think he needs a nap, ever!
Loves to swim, play baseball, play in the dirt, and drive his gator.
Does not like doing art projects, sitting still, taking naps, or eating veggies.

Choooo Choooo.... Look Who's Two?

My baby turned two on Saturday.  He'll always be my baby, even when he's 45! What a sweet boy he is.  We had a Thomas the train party since he loves his trains. He also loves Dinosaur Trains, so the train thing just seemed to work.
On Carter's actual birthday we took the kids to Southpark Meadows for some splash park/playground fun and ate lunch outside.  They had a great time and were tuckered out!  When everyone woke up it was off to Hey Cupcake for some birthday cupcakes - yum!
Everyone came over on Sunday for some real birthday party fun.  It's always nice to have the whole family together.  Just a pleasant reminder of how blessed we are to have family close by.
We had some pizza, Carter's favorite food, and then a yummy train cake made by the ever-so-talented Grandma Debbie!
Here's a little about Carter James at two years:
Weight: 32 lbs. 6 oz. (he is a Biehler folks)
Height: 35"
Favorite Foods: Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, Milk, Bananas, Yogurt
Favorite Toys: Trains, Cars, Balls, Crayons
Favorite Books: Good Night, Good Night Dinosaur; Good Night Butterflies; Good Night, Good Night Construction Site; Are you Ticklish?
Favorite Shows: Dinosaur Train, Thomas, Wonder Pets, Mighty Machines, Cars
Bedtime: 8 p.m.
Wakes Up: 7:15 a.m.
Nap time: Usually 1:30-3:30
Words: Too many to put down! He's a great talker!  Kind of like a parrot who mimics every word!
Shoe Size: 8
Carter is a total charmer!  People just fall in love with him.  He gives the best hugs and kisses, and even a fist pump now and then. He LOVES to swim and is really great at it. He can throw a ball really well and loves to jump on the trampoline.  He has a great sense of humor and loves to make people laugh.

 Hey Cupcake!
 Happy boy opening presents!
 It's Tiny from Dinosaur Train!

Thomas "2" Cake made by Grandma Debbie

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder....

Kylie has now become the ultimate camper.  I think she's hooked.  She is now in he THIRD session of camp this summer!  First it was T Bar M in June, then Pine Cove in July, and now back to T Bar M.  I am really missing her this time. Kylie really has the ingredients for a perfect camper.  She's brave, fun, energetic, friendly, independent, and confident.  She makes friends so easily.  She's got a type of magnetism about her that other kids are drawn to.  I really think it's because she's friendly, but maybe even more so because she's confident.  Kids that tend to be a bit shy and unsure feel safe around her.  I love how many new kids she's getting to meet.  I can totally see her being a camp counselor some day!  I know these experiences are great building blocks for her future.  I am so proud of her!

 Safety First!

 Silly girls ready for camp!
I mustache you to check this out!

 She got blobbed!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Get Fired Up...Jackson Turns Four!!!

Anyone who has ever known Jackson for even a short time would know he LOVES anything that has to do with firefighters.  He got some fireman rain boots for Christmas and has worn them almost every, single day since (including both his school pictures).  Not only does he typically wear the boots, but he is likely adorned with the fireman hat as well!  I can't tell you how many giggles and smiles he's gotten over the past 6 months or so.  It is hilarious.  In honor of his current love for fireman, we had a full on firefighter party!  Man, I planned this thing for months it seemed trying to get all the right decorations, invitations, party favors.  I've never spent so long on a party before.  For some reason, it was really important to get it right for him.
We invited all his classmates from both schools and family to Loco-Motion (our local inflatable place) for some jumpy, fireman fun!  My sweet family helped me get everything set up since they only gave me about 15 minutes to do it (yikes).

The kids jumped for a little over an hour and then we ate some grub and had the amazing fire cupcakes Grandma Debbie made!

After the party, we packed up and headed straight to the fire station where a friend of Uncle Luke's is a fireman!  Whoooohoooo!  He made the visit so special for them.  Seriously, he was so patient with them and showed them so many things.  I'm talking firetruck rides, getting to put out a real fire with the hose going full blast, opening up a fire hydrant, and then to top it all off, he gives Jackson a real firefighter's helmet.  It was a man who is now serving in the military but used to work there.  How cool is that?  Lieutenant Mark Frost is Jackson's hero!!!
I hope he remembers this special day forever!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Grandparent's Day 2013

I have fallen behind on my posts and so hopefully I'll get caught up pretty soon!  Between the mounds of laundry piling up, work, meals, groceries and everything in between, it's hard to find the time to do just about anything extra!

Grandparent's Day at Regents is a really big deal.  It's so important to honor our legacies and Regents makes it a special day just for them, which I think is awesome.

Grandma Mary, Grandma Debbie and Big Pa came to share the special day with Kylie! 

The 2nd grade studies Texas History all throughout the year, so they did the cutest performance about the ABC's of Texas history.  Kylie had about three speaking parts and she was amazing!  She has so much performance ability and it seems to come naturally to her.  There might be some drama and musical theater in her future maybe?

She enjoyed sharing her classroom and art projects to them.  We did our family project on the sweet Mourning Dove who had her babies in our playscape.  We took pictures from the time she laid her eggs to the time they took off on their own.  They were so sweet:)

How cute are they?
After Grandparent's Day we took Kylie for a special lunch at Joe's Crab Shack.  That girl loves her some crab - she did not get this from me (yuck).  I'm the one who orders chicken at a seafood restaurant.
It was a great day to honor the people we so dearly love.  We are incredibly blessed beyond measure to have them so close to home.  It has made a HUGE impact on my children and I will forever be grateful!
Sweet Mrs. Crowell and Kylie
Lucky Girl!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer already?

So, it hasn't quite hit me yet that school is almost out... As the kids are super giddy about summer, this mama is typically the opposite! Summer schedules are one word - crazy!  Each week is a different schedule and with three kids, sometimes going three different place, it is mayhem I tell you! I do love the things that come with summer like pool-time and going to the beach though:)  In fact, we leave for our first beach trip of the summer tomorrow afternoon.  Yippeeee!

The kids have had a great school year...
Carter started school the youngest of all three at only 12 months.  He's done so well, up until this last month when he decided to become the class bully.  Unfortunately, he's decided that pushing is now how he's going to get his way, so he's been spending some quality time in time-out.  I'm really, really hoping this is a quick phase that will soon pass as he learns to say more words.  I think he has a sweet heart, he has just realized he can push the kids around to get what he wants.  Ugh.  It doesn't help that he gets it at home from his big brother, but we're working on it.

Jackson has made lots of new friends this year!  His school friends seem to really like him and are always happy to see him.  His teachers love how articulate he is and how he really joins in on discussions and answers questions (in lieu of the glossy-eyed stare they usually get).  He is what I would call "the enforcer" and really wants to make sure everyone is following the rules.  If they aren't, he's sure to call them out on it.  As he gets older, I'm not so sure the kids are going to dig that very much, so hopefully he realizes he needs to take it down a notch!  He's worn his fireman hat and boots almost every day to school which the teachers think is hilarious.  Today, he went dressed in the entire outfit.  This started right after Christmas and is still going on!  He even wore his fireman boots in his school pictures, which I thought was very appropriate considering.  He still doesn't seem to participate in the arts and crafts portions of school with much enthusiasm.  He just doesn't dig it.  He'd rather be playing with toys or running around. Sitting down to color a picture is just not his thing.  Sometimes I have to laugh at his art papers that come home.  I can tell he spent about two seconds to get it done so he could move on. He doesn't really like to be messy, so that might be part of the reason as well.  He play in the dirt pit for hours, but heaven-forbid he get a little paint on his hands!

Kylie has exceeded our expectations yet again this year.  Her last report card was almost perfect.  I am so proud of her.  She had almost entirely E's all the way across the board in academics and behavior/participation.  Her teacher told me she has never had a student like Kylie who is so incredibly gifted academically, spiritually, and socially.  It made my heart swell about ten times its size.  God has blessed Kylie with so many gifts.  I just can't wait to watch her continue to grow in all these three areas of her life.  God has big things in store for my little girl, I just know it!  Despite the time she had off for surgery and the difficulties she faced in her recovery, she didn't miss a beat.  She was just as positive as she always is and her grades continued to be top-notch.  Now, it sounds like I'm bragging, but I honestly don't take credit for it at all.  It's all her and God.  She does her thing, and I'm there for love and support:)

We're off to Port Aransas this weekend to kick off the summer.  I'm excited to spend some quality time with my littles at the beach, enjoying God's creation! I love watching them play in the sand and the ocean and explore the beach!  I love days with no specific agenda, just being together and having fun.  As we say goodbye to the school-year, I am so grateful for the teachers who spent so many hours investing in my children this year.  They loved them, disciplined them, played with them, and most importantly prayed with them.  These ladies have made an investment in these children and I am forever thankful to all of them. 

Sweet Brothers

Monday, April 8, 2013

Here comes Peter Cottontail... Happy Easter!

 Easter Egg Hunt (the first of many!)
Here baby brother! 
I'll just kick them instead:)
Lu and Jackson before another egg hunt!
 I called this one Smiley Kylie:)
 Kisses for bunny
Sweet Easter Chapel

Friday, March 29, 2013


I think when most people look at Jackson and Carter, from first glance, they don't think they look alike.  But, it's amazing how pictures capture the similarties in our children.  I'm unable to get my photos of Kylie when she was this little right now (long story but boo on my back-up drive), but I dare to say she would look quite a bit like these two boys.  I have one of when she was a bit older, but you can still see the similarities.  See what you think!!!  Of course, they are all precious to this mama!  I think the one thing I adore most about all my children is how they smile with their eyes.  They have so much expression and joy in those beautiful eyes.  Kylie's are a light blue, with a hint of gold, Jackson's are so light they are almost grey, and Carter's eyes are big and beautiful brown!  Kylie's hair was dark when she was born, then quickly turned light blonde and continues to change from light to dark blonde through the year.  Jackson is my toe-headed one.  Definitely gets it from my side of the family full of blondies.  Carter, of course, is my brunette.  But, not so fast!  That boy's hair keeps getting lighter and lighter all the time.  It has streaks of gold in it.  We'll see what the summer sun does to it!

 Kylie - 20 months
 Jackson - 13 months
Carter - 13 months

Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Break 2013!! Whoohoooo!!!!

We had a fun-filled, busy Spring Break!  I wanted to keep the kids busy having fun, so everyday we had a new adventure!  I LOVED spending time with the kiddos and being able to completely focus on them.

Day One - Chuck-E-Cheese
Home of the world's worst pizza, but the kids seem to like it.  The reason I love this place is because the games are only 1 token and they have games for even the young ones to play.  I took all three of them which was a little tricky trying to keep an eye on all of them.  Carter basically wanted to sit it in the Bob-the-Builder car the entire time or go to skee ball and throw the balls around (that was fun).  The kids won lots of tickets and had fun picking out their trinkets (worth probably about $1 total:)  We had a great time and I was so happy we decided to go.  Sorry, no pics on this one.  I was too busy keeping up with the kids!

Day Two - Zilker Park
One of the best places in ATX! The playground rocks and the kids love to ride the train.  Even better, the D'Amura cousins joined us!  We brought our lunch and had a great time!  Jackson loves the antique fire truck there and I did have to fuss at him a few times to let the other kids have a turn at the big wheel.  He loves everything firefighter and people giggle at him for wearing his fireman rain boots EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY.  I think it's hilarious. The train ride is always nice and of course we got to see the usual guy playing the guitar along the way. Oh, and who can forget Zippy the creepy clown that makes balloon animals.  Tons of fun!

Day Three - Austin Zoo
I really like our zoo.  It's nothing all that special at all, but it's one you can go to and spend a couple of hours, then go home before everyone gets too tired.  The lion is by far my favorite, but I am partial to the bears as well (Sic 'Em).  Lions have to be one of the coolest creatures on the planet!  They are so beautiful and yet so intimidating.  The kids always enjoy getting to feed the goats and deer.  Carter liked to watch, but he did not want those silly goats all up in his business.  Those goats can be quite forceful!  After we made the rounds we sat down to a nice lunch (until we got taken over by bees).  Then, we enjoyed a cool sno cone to end our trip and each one got to pick out a small souvenir at the gift shop.  Of course, Kylie went straight to the stuffed animals, which she knows drives me crazy.  She only has about a million already.  Carter really dug all the cool little cars and Jackson, well, he was being his usual self walking around touching everything.  They were pooped when it was time to go home and so was I!!!

 Perfect hat for the zoo!
 No licks goat!

Look at its teeth mama!!!

Day Four - Austin Rodeo... yeeee haw!!!
Not only is the rodeo in town for Spring Break (yay) but it was $10 off wristbands that week as well (double yay)!  Those rodeos are not cheap!  Grandma Debbie had the day off work and I was so glad she came with us.  I needed another grown-up.  We got there mid-morning and started off with a few fun rides.  I love it that Jackson is allowed to go on most of the rides this year.  I tried to go on one ride with Carter and he was not a fan at all.  He kept wanting to get out and shaking his head and saying no the whole time.  I felt bad, but it was also kinda funny.  Then, off to see the tractors!  This is what Jackson loves the most.  It's just a bunch of huge tractors and heavy machines set out for people to look at to buy.  Of course, mainly it turns into a place for kids to play.  We spent quite a bit of time watching the kids go from one machine to the next.  I wasn't sure we were going to ever leave that place!  Luckily, it was getting to be lunch time so we grabbed a bit of food to re-fuel.  Jackson didn't eat much, which is the usual, but of course he wanted ice cream.  Carter was getting really sleepy, so he was pretty chill in the stroller until he finally gave up and fell asleep.  To finish the day off Kylie and Jackson both played a balloon popping game to win a prize and we rode a few more rides.  Some rides she wanted to do and I said absolutely not.  If it goes too high, too fast, or turns upside down then forget it!  I don't know how well those things are put together.  I have to be honest that I don't have the up most confidence in the staff who run those traveling carnivals.  But, we did go on a few really fun rides and she loved it!  By about 3:00 they were all definitely ready to go, as they got grumpier by the minute.  It turned out to be a good day:)

First ride of the day!
Where are we going Carter?
I think he likes it:)
I can't figure out how to ride it, so I'll just push it.

Day Five - San Antonio Zoo
I asked Aunt D and Taylor to join us for a trip to the San Antonio Zoo. I knew I couldn't do that one alone!  Thank the Lord I asked them to join.  Wow.  Little did I know that every single person in San Antonio decided to go to the zoo that day.  It was crazy-packed!  Trying to figure out where to park and how to manage all three kids was a challenge for sure.  I think by day five the kids were just plain tuckered out, so next year we'll have to plan our big adventure at the beginning! We did get to see some really neat things.  It's quite a bit bigger than our zoo, so they have way more stuff to look at.  The tigers are so awesome and Kylie loves going to feed the Lori birds (I think that's what they are called?)  They have a great kids area with places they can play and water they can play in.  The kids were content to stay there and not even look at the animals!  I think we'll spend more time there next time.   The squirrel monkeys might have been my favorite.  It is so interesting to watch how they use their hands just like we do.  It's crazy.  And, they have so much personality!  They are fascinating.  I really like this zoo and can't wait to go back (maybe a time that's not so crowded).
 Playing in the water!!!
 Homeboy Carter put his hat on by himself:)

She loves feeding the birds!

Jump on birdie!!!
We had a jam-packed week of fun and adventures!  I felt like we really used our time well and had accomplished lots of fun activities!  I was so grateful that the time change happened that week as well or we would have had a really hard time getting up for school!!!