Friday, April 4, 2014

Coasting On Idyll

Spring Break 2014 at Carillon Beach! Amazing!  The Florida beaches are so beautiful. I hate to say it, but the Texas beaches pale in comparison.  I love the way the sand squeaks when you walk on it and there are so many shells fully intact to take home! It was definitely colder than I like and the ocean was downright freezing.  Of course, my little mermaid got in the water (crazy girl).  The boys did well on their first flight.  I came armed with new toys, games, and snacks! I did my research on how to survive a flight with young kids (thank you Pinterest).  We had LOTS of bags and carseats, and tons of stuff, but somehow we got it all loaded up in a bright red Yukon XL.

We flew into Panama City Beach, got our car and headed to our house at Carillon Beach. Carillon Beach is only about 8 miles from Panama City Beach where all the MAJOR Spring Break action is.  Talk about college Spring Break central.  Wowza.  Carillon Beach is a gated community with the cutest houses ever.  They all have their own names and are beautiful.  Our house was Coasting on Idyll. Plenty of room for me, the kiddos, my mom, my sister, and my two nieces.  There was a heated pool anyone staying in the community could use (God-send) and we spent many hours there!  We did get two good days playing in the sand at the beach and even spotted groups of dolphins not too far away.  You won't see that in Port A!

It was a great week with my kids, just hanging out and having fun.  There's just nothing like it.  We even managed to get a bit of a sunburn.  We really enjoyed heading over to Pier Park for a fun dinner at places like Margaritaville and doing some shopping!

I don't get to see my sister and nieces nearly enough, so I felt blessed to have a week with them as well.  I can't believe they will be graduating from college soon.  What? Too weird.

I'm definitely spoiled by this place and I can't wait to go back!!! I have so many pictures, so I'll have to add more soon!