Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fun weekend!

What started out to be a pretty yuck week, ended up with a lot of fun! Kylie got sick on Sunday afternoon with runny nose and cough and by Monday it had really progressed so I took her in to the doctor. Thank goodness I went ahead and took her! She had gotten the Croup! Don't know how, why, or where, but she got it. So, she was pretty poopy until Wednesday and is now finally back to her old self again. So, now we've had the stomach virus and the croup in the last month or so...I hope we're done for a long while!

On to the fun parts! We spent Saturday with our sweet friends Melissa and Lainie. Kylie and Lainie go to the same preschool and have been buddies since before they were two. Lainie's birthday is today and she told her mom all she wanted to do was have Kylie over for cupcakes! I thought that was so sweet. Instead of just having cupcakes, Melissa planned a fun day for all of us. First, we took the girls to get their nails painted. I must say Kylie picked the absolute ugliest color in the whole place - yellow! Then, we picked up a smoothie and headed to Zilker Park to ride the train. It was a beautiful day to ride the train and do some sight-seeing, mostly of people on the trail! After Zilker we went to get some pizza for lunch. The pizza place is right across from Hey Cupcake! this great little trailer that sells amazing cupcakes. So, after lunch we walked over there and each got one of the biggest, sweetest, yummiest cupcakes I've ever had. Wow, that was sweet! After we satisfied our sweet teeth, we headed over to Zilker Gardens for the Dinoland exhibit. It was a pretty neat exhibit. They had fairly realistic renditions of all kinds of dinosaurs in the trees and around the area. We were all tuckered out after this and decided to head home. I know I was exhausted!!! It was such a fun day and Kylie and I are both so thankful for Melissa and Lainie's friendship!
Today's excitement was the annual Candy Carnival close to our house. It was a fun dress-rehearsal for Halloween. I wasn't so sure how it was going to turn out, but Kylie looked adorable. I painted her face and her hair. She begged me to buy her purple hair spray at the store and I caved. It was cute though, definitely added a special dynamic to the whole get-up! She got to play lots of games and got enough candy to last us until Halloween for sure. After she took a two hour nap and then had her fair share of candy tonight, she's still awake and it's almost 10!!! Not a great way to start the week, but oh well, it's Halloween!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Good night, sleep tight!

Every time I hear another mom talk about how their kid goes to bed at 7 and wakes up at 7 I think to myself, really? Is that possible?
We've struggled for the last couple of months with the nap or no nap thing with Kylie. She really needs a rest during the day, but when she gets one she's not falling asleep until 10:00 at night! So, we decided that just isn't going to work. So, we've been trying the no nap for a while now. I'm happy to say night-times were going smoother and much earlier which is great, but the down-side is that Kylie acts like a little monster by around 5:00!
To top it all off, for who knows how long now either Adam or I lays with Kylie every night until she goes to sleep. Every night! Then, when she wakes up in the middle of the night she wants one of us to come in there and lay with her again until she falls back asleep! When this happens 2 or 3 times a night it's like having a newborn all over again. Kylie has never been a good sleeper, but Adam and I are at our whit's-end!

The good news! For the past two nights Kylie has gone to sleep completely on her own and has not woken up either night! I figure if she can learn to go to sleep on her own, then she can fall BACK asleeep on her own. It's only been 2 nights, but man I'm happy about it!

This parenting thing sure is hard! You want so badly to do whatever it is that you can to make your child happy and when you have to do those things that you know are going to hurt them (like a shot) or scare them (going to sleep alone) it's hard not to just crater and want to fix it. As I sit in the living room hearing Kylie cry for a good ten minutes that first night she was trying to sleep alone my heart just sank. It was horrible. I knew she was scared and I could almost feel what she was feeling. Last night I went by her room and said a prayer for her that she would sleep peacefully and not be afraid and then I felt I had done exactly what I needed to do in this situation. I know there are times where I'm going to have to let her face her fears on her own. I'm just thankful her angels are always with her! I know they'll watch over my baby even when I can't.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I just realized that it's been a while since I've posted my last blog! I've been so busy with work and everything else that I've let it go a little longer this time!
Kylie was sick from Thursday through Tuesday with some type of nasty stomach bug. I don't know where she got it, but she got it good. She sure was a trooper! I really was so proud of how she handled it. It was hard for her to be restful when she started to feel better, but she was a good girl about it.
We had our big Hill Country vs. Westridge football games this week. It was fun to have both cheer squads there together since my sis Deanna coaches the Westridge squad. It really has made an impact on the fans to see how the squads have come together. We think that's the best thing for the program since they'll all be in high school together. It's a great feeling to be a part of these young ladies' lives. They are so special and each have their own unique qualities and talents!
Adam and I are looking forward to a night away this weekend. We are going to the Cattle Barron's Ball in Dallas. It is a huge event with music, lots of food, lots of fun! We love to go and hang out with friends from BU. It will be a great time! I need a little getaway!