Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Jackson!

Happy Birthday Dear Jackson!

Me likes cupcakes!

Oh, sweet boy, where do I even begin? We were so ready for you to arrive 3 years ago.  It seems like yesterday, but yet it seems like forever at the same time! You were the easiest newborn of all three.  You pretty much slept when expected, cried only when you needed something, and really didn't give us too much trouble (you saved that for later:).  I could even put you down in your bassinet awake and you would put yourself to sleep! We knew you were going to be smart early on by the way your curiously looked at all things around you as if you were trying to figure out just how this world works. When you started walking, man it was on! You got into everything! We had to child-proof the entire house.  You loved to turn over the dog bowls, climb on every piece of furniture in the house, play with anything you weren't supposed to play with, and all the things boys do.  You didn't talk as early as Kylie so I was a little worried, but you sure caught up! Now, you are very articulate and can clearly carry on a conversation.  You really listen and like to repeat back things you hear.  It's usually pretty funny for the grown-ups. You love to stay clean, so you get upset when your hands are dirty or your food makes a mess (maybe a little bit of Mommy in you eh?) In fact, you just got your own mop and broom for your birthday and you are so excited about them! Ha! We can already tell you're going to be great at sports.  You are strong and you can throw a ball not only far, but with great accuracy. Daddy likes that! And, just the other day we took your life vest off in the pool and you started swimming! We couldn't believe it! We have no idea you could swim on your own. It was amazing! You are very good at art and pay attention to detail and are good at staying in the lines.  You love to play like you're a worker man and fix things with your tools (must be the Papa Ralph in you). You don't like being naked at all and want clothes on all the time - the opposite of how big sister Kylie was who still walks around the house in her birthday suit. You still aren't using the potty like a big boy yet.  Not sure when it's going to happen, but here's hoping we start next school year with big boy underpants on! You are pretty stubborn, so we know it's only going to happen when you're ready for it. You have so much expression in your face, and you make us laugh all the time with your silly looks.  Your kisses are the sweetest kisses in the world and you love to cuddle after your nap.  You wake up really early and typically want to eat breakfast right away - ugh. No fun for Mom and Dad. You love eating pancakes, eggs, mini muffins, oatmeal, fruit, applesauce, and anything sweet! There are so many great things about you that it would take a long list to name them all.  We love you and you make us laugh every, single day. We can't wait to watch you grow and learn even more. Happy Birthday Jackson Ralph!