Saturday, November 23, 2013

Twick or Tweeeeet!

I'm a bit delayed in posting about our Halloween, but this was the best Halloween I can remember in a LONG time. 
My three little blessings were Spiderina (Kylie of course), Sir Jackson the knight, and Captain Carter James the pirate - arrrrgh.  He looked so stinkin' cute I could barely stand it.
Okay, so some funny things I want to remember about this Halloween.
First of all, Jackson decided he wanted to wear his knight costume that he's had now for 2 years.  I thought that was easy enough.  Get him a sword and some black boots and we're good to go!  Luckily the costume did fit him, but I will say I'm glad he was wearing boots so no one could see his pants were too short!
We get all dressed up and we start to head down the street to go Trick-or-Treating and Jackson will not go up to anyone's house!  I ask him why he's not going to get any candy and he says, "I don't know them, they are strangers!"  Oh geez.  Only Jackson would say that,  It was just so true to his personality.  He did get comfortable with it after seeing Kylie do it and me explaining how it's okay because his parents are with him and it's our neighbors on Halloween.  That kid just cracks me up every day.  He drives me kinda nutso everyday too, but God love him, he's awesome.
Carter was a rockstar at Trick-or-Treating. He actually walked quite a ways and enjoyed getting his candy in his bag and was great at saying Thank You. So, this was the first year all three kids really got to participate in Halloween which made it a GREAT time.
I don't ever want to take for granted these special nights I have with my children. Soon enough, they will just be a memory in my mind and in pictures I've taken. I look forward to many new memories, but I so cherish the old ones too:)

 Spiderina is so pretty!
 Ahoy there me hearties!
 Don't mess with me... I have a sword.
My Sweet Blessings