Sunday, July 18, 2010

New shoes that make me run fast! I was running circles in the house
when Mommy put them on me!
Seriously? How cute is this?

Mom and Kylie making memories.

Pretty ballerina

Every summer when it gets so incredibly hot that you just literally feel like you are melting, I feel like there is no way it has ever been this hot! But, yes, every year it sure is! Thank goodness Grandma and Big Pa put in a pool in their backyard that has already provided many hours of "cool" entertainment for the kids. I think Jackson is going to learn how to swim really fast thanks to the new pool. He's already showing some natural ability and doesn't seem to be afraid to be under water at all. In fact, he usually seems annoyed that he can't just swim off on his own!

Kylie has been busy with dance camps and is enjoying her summer, full of activities. We are already planning for fall with voice and piano lessons, as well as her dance and cheer classes. She'll be one busy little girl, but with school being a half day she'll need the activity! Jackson will start a program in the fall as well, going two days a week. I'm excited for him to have some play time and meet new friends.
I am really excited to see what Kylie thinks of her voice and piano lessons. She has such a sweet, little voice. She stood in front of me in her room yesterday singing "Temporary Home" by Carrie Underwood and it always brings tears to my eyes. What a precious moment. She probably won't remember it, but I will. She still has one of us lay with her at night when she is going to sleep, so most nights I am the one laying with her and I like to hold her hand when she's going to sleep. But, she loves it too. Usually she wants to hold both of my hands and it blesses me beyond belief. Then, I usually stay in there for a few minutes after she's drifted off to sleep and just watch her sweet little face as she lies there so peacefully. It's in those moments when I am watching my kids or holding them that I can't imagine loving anything more.
Jackson is soooooooooooooo busy and is really proving the whole "boys are very different from girls" theory. Here are Jackson's favorite things to do that drive Mommy crazy:
Climb on the couch to get onto the side tables to play with the lamps.
Climb on the chairs to get up to the breakfast table and sit on it.
Climb on the toilet to get to the sink. (seeing a pattern here?)
Grab on to the handle and pull himself up like he's doing a pull-up on the oven
Pull all of his books off the shelf (just moved them out of reach last night)
Take his diaper off when he has no clothes on.
Play in the dog's water bowl.
Put things in the litter box.
Pull all of my cookie sheets out of the cabinet.
Did I mention he likes to climb things?
Oh, and his new favorite thing to do when I'm feeding him is shake his head "no" at me before he even tastes the food. Then, when he's had enough, he starts spitting it out all over the place. Awesome.
We went to the beach last weekend in Port Aransas. I thought Jackson would just love the beach and enjoy playing the sand and walking in the water. Well, he just heads straight out to the water and dives in. Then, when Mommy tries to take him out and hold him, he screams in protest! Uggggh... So, he was banned from the beach after that. Maybe next year buddy! But, Kylie, Adam and I had a great time because my sweet Mom took one for the team and kept Jackson at the condo while we played. Kylie had a blast with her new boogie board when Adam took her out in the big waves. She is such a beach girl. We saw a big sting ray only a few feet away. Kinda scary, but still really cool.
I redid the kids' bathroom and am really happy with how it's coming together. I had the hardest time finding a unisex idea that was cute. So, I finally found one and am almost finished with it. It's underwater sea creatures. Cliche' a bit, but still very cute. I wanted to do pirates and mermaids but couldn't find anything with both ideas into one. I'll post pictures when I finish it. I like these house projects, but they are non-stop! I always have something I am working on. It's fun to do, but it can be overwhelming sometimes.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I'll post again soon. Well, maybe not too soon. I seem to be hitting the blog about every month hence the long post!!!