Wednesday, March 2, 2016

When God closes a door...

Today I finally got the call I've been waiting for months to receive.  After an assessment and discussion among a committee of faithful teachers and administration, it was decided our little Carter man needs to wait another year before he starts Kinder at Regents.
I have been deliberating about this for months and months with no resolution, just waiting to have some sort of answer as to what we should do for our sweet boy. I am thankful for a God who closes doors for us, so we know it's not yet time to go through them.
I know there are many parents out there who think it's crazy to even consider sending him on since his birthday isn't until August 17th, but there was no clear indication to me that he couldn't do it, so I couldn't make the call on my own.
Could he survive? Absolutely.
Could he THRIVE?  Now, there is the question... the doubt.
I am at peace and feel very blessed to have friends and teachers who love our family very much.
I would be lying if I said I wasn't relieved to know I have one more year before I drop him off at the threshold of the school he'll be at for 12 more years.  The start of my baby turning into a big boy.  I'm not ready, and I'm pretty sure he's not ready either.  He loves being the baby.  He loves being the youngest, and mama's little man. This mama's heart needs another year.

Lastly, I am so excited for him! He is going to be such an amazing man, I just know it. He has a HUGE heart and he LOVES fiercely.  Almost every night when we are snuggling in my bed he'll put his arm around me and touch his nose to mine and say, "I'll never stop loving you mommy,"

I'll NEVER, EVER stop loving you buddy:)