Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Jackson Turns 7 and One Crazy Summer so far...

Well, I guess it really is July already. Dang. I guess this summer has been so crazy that the time has flown by without much notice.  It finally got Texas HOT here.  It's so funny how we complain about the heat like we've never experienced it before.  I told Adam I think it's because we forget just how freakin' hot and steamy it gets here.

We celebrated big man's birthday on Memorial Day Weekend. In lieu of a friend party (yessss!) he decided he wanted to go to San Antonio to Fiesta TX for the weekend.  We got a room and hit the park for two days! It was a blast.  We're kicking ourselves for not buying the dining plan they offered.  I thought there was no way we'd spend that much money on food.  Hilarious.  You're dying of thirst and they know it.  That'll be $8.00 for a drink, please!  Oh, you're hungry too?  That'll be $10 for that pretzel. Ha! Thank goodness it's healthy, fresh food though (insert smirk here).

Kylie is the dare-devil, so her and Adam got a fast-pass to ride all the stupid, I mean, fun roller-coasters that twisty,turney, upside-downy.  Nope. Not this one.  I'm fine right here with my two little guys. We rocked those kiddie rides though.  And it was fun, so whatever.  The rides with heights I don't mind.  Goes fast, I don't mind.  Goes upside down... I'm out. 

We went home on his actual birthday and he had a surprise waiting for him in the yard!!!

To finish the celebration, we had a swimming party at Grandma and Big Pa's house! Camo party, and of course a sweet camo cake made by Grandma Debbie.

Happy Birthday Big Guy! You have my heart forever and ever!!!