Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Big Swim

Hair blowin' in the breeze...

I can't sit up in this thing Mom!

Cheerios anyone?

Jackson has offiically swam for his first time at the pool. I have taken him once before very briefly and noticed in that short time that he has no fear at the pool (much like sister). So, I found it quite necessary to buy him a vest of some sort and this is what I was able to find.

We decided it was his turtle suit because it looks like a turtle shell. It's actually pretty neat. It pretty much forces him to his back if he needs to float. So, I've decided that's what we're going to learn first. We'll see how it goes! I'm glad he's not afraid of the water, but no rest time for mom at the pool!

Luckily, Aunt D and Katie came with us so Katie could play with Kylie while we made sure Jackson didn't jump in somewhere. It was a fun early birthday celebration for my big sis.

Only one more day until Adam and I leave for our surprise getaway weekend. I'm anxious to see where we will be going and am so excited to get away for a bit to relax! I'll miss my babies, but I could use a little R and R.

Here's to a great summer!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

May is My Month!

I love May! May 6th was my birthday, May 9th was Mother's Day, May 21st I leave for a romantic getaway weekend to a surprise destination and May 29th my baby boy turns one year old! There are many fun days in May!

My birthday and mother's day week was very special. I got a beautiful hand-made card from Kylie, great food, yummy cake made by Lisa and fun gifts. Adam worked extra hard to make it a special week for me!

Only 15 days of school left and then we are officially into summer vacation. Kinda scary, but fun too. Summer is a little tricky around the Biehler household trying to manage work, kids and schedules. Not an easy task! There will be many trips to the pool, there is no doubt about that.

Today Jackson was feeling very frisky outside. He absolutely loves being outside, just like his big sister. He was having fun playing with the dog bowls as you can see from the pictures. It was really funny. I kept taking them back to the place where they stay and he would go back and get them over and over. Then, when he found out he could put them on the table and crawl up there... watch out!

We had our first new parent breakfast at Regents and every time we go there we are more excited for Kylie for next year. What an amazing place for any kid to go. It's just incredible. We met some really nice people and learned a bit more about the school and how we can get involved. They promote parent involvement very heavily as the parents and school take an active role side-by-side in helping the kids grow.

We are still loving Austin Stone church and feel truly blessed by it every time we go. We dedicated Jackson May 2nd and the church prayed over him and our family. I'm excited to see what God has in store for us to learn through the people we meet and the things we can learn from this amazing church.
On another great note, Debbie is done with chemo now! She had four treatments and now we will find out what the next step is. She has been so brave through this whole process and it's truly been an inspiration. I pray that God will let her get past this and never have to deal with it again. I'm so thankful for smart doctors and all the research that has been done.