Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Big Day

Well, tomorrow's the BIG DAY! Jackson's birthday! It is so surreal to think that we will have a baby boy tomorrow. Kylie is sleeping in my bed tonight. Adam so graciously gave up his spot last night and tonight. I love it when she sleeps in bed with me. Not so much when she comes in from her room and wakes me up from a dead sleep, but more when it's a planned thing! She manages to nuzzle her way over to my side and will even swing an arm across me a time or two.

I think about what a precious gift she is, and it's hard to believe we are about to receive another one.

It has definitely been a rough last few weeks. I kept thinking this kiddo was NOT going to wait until tomorrow, but I am so glad he did. It gave me the time I needed to finish up work and get things ready around the house.

Well, we'll be praying for a safe delivery of a healthy baby boy and ask all of our friends and family to do the same!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Happy Birthday and Mother's Day

We celebrated a great Mother's Day yesterday! In fact, my birthday was on Wednesday, so I had a super special week!

We went out to eat at Texas Land and Cattle and then back to our house for a yummy cake that Adam and Kylie made for me. Lots of candles on that cake!

On Thursday, I had another doctor's appointment and we officially have a birthday for Jackson! We will welcome him into the world on Friday, May 29th at 12:30!

For Mother's Day we went to a great service at church (Mother's Day is always one of my favorites!) and then out to brunch with the Biehlers and Grandma Ginny at Iron Cactus. The food was amazing! Then, for dinner we went to my mom's house and celebrated with Deanna and her family. I even got to fit in a nap in the afternoon. Great day!

I've had some rough days here and there, just feeling utterly exhausted and extremely uncomfortable. I'm really trying to be a trooper, but sometimes it is so hard. I want to use these last few weeks to really spend some quality time with Kylie and get all of my work agendas in order, but certain days it is challenging. So, I'm just praying that I can be comfortable and get rested up for Jackson's arrival in these next few weeks and at the same time really relish this time with Kylie. She has been very patient with me and I am so grateful that she understands when Mommy isn't feeling well. What a sweetheart!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bye Bye Butterfly!

We have been raising butterflies in one of those pop-up butterfly houses and we just let the last one go. We're not quite sure how well it will do, it seemed to have some not-so-cooperative wings, but here's hoping for the best!

Kylie really loved it. She loved watching them grow and was excited to see them on their way to bigger and better things!

Here's some pictures she took today with the camera. She was having way too much fun with it! Hilarious! Oh, and her new sassy bikini of course!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Feels like any day now!

So, my doctor assures me that he sees no signs of labor, but I will be shocked if this little guy holds out until the end of May. I know he can prove me wrong, but we'll see. It's not so much my size, but more just the feeling that he's getting ready. I've been extremely uncomfortable for the past few days and have had to really take it easy. With Kylie I didn't feel like this until the week I went into labor! But, I've heard that this is normal with the 2nd one. It's been a rough few days- I'm such a busy body, especially when trying to get ready for Jackson's arrival. It's very hard for me to just sit still. I guess, in a way, it's a blessing that I am being forced to relax!
We are very proud of Adam for passing his composite math test to be eligible to teach math to grades 8-12. What an amazing accomplishment! He really worked hard to prepare, but the test was a doozie. I knew after looking at his study guide that it was going to be a rough one. I couldn't answer a single question! Now, we just have to find a school that will see what a great teacher and coach he will be. Fingers crossed!
Kylie is gearing up for her last 2 weeks of school. It's really hard to believe the year is almost over. I try not to get sad at how time flies, but sometimes it just hits me. She's just growing up so fast. I look forward to a super summer with her and baby Jackson!
I had a great shower with friends and family on April 19th. The hostesses did an amazing job and we got some things we really needed for the little guy. It's always such a blessing to be reminded of all the family and friends who love us!

We'll see how the week goes! I go back to the doctor on Thursday to see if anything interesting is happening!