Thursday, June 21, 2012

Play it Out! at TBarM

 Excited about her bunk bed!
 Muleshoe was her cabin name
Kylie had a blast at TBarM. It's a Christian Sports Camp located in New Braunfels, TX. She did her specialty in Gymnastics/Cheer/Dance (or GCD as she calls it).  She already told me she's ready to go back! I was really never worried about her not having a fantastic time.  In fact, the only thing I was worried about was she was going to get so tired that it would be hard for her to keep up with all the fun.  Silly mommy.  Really what happens is these kids run on pure adrenaline for a week and then they come home and crash.  For the first two days she was home she actually napped!  She hasn't done that since she was three years old! We had a really fun time dropping her off and getting to go back and pick her up.  Her counselors were adorable and really loved on their kiddos. Kylie's buddy was Callie and she was really sweet.  I have no idea how those counselors have the energy to do that all summer with only a 24 hour break once a week.  I can't imagine! I doubt they get great sleep in bunk beds with 15 little girls in the cabin with them, then they are going non-stop doing activities and games. I am blown away by all the fun things they come up with for these kids.  They had theme night every night, so Monday night was  Pool Party, Tuesday was Olympics or patriotic, Wednesday was Superhero, Thursday was Mission Impossible or camo, and Friday was Homecoming.  We had so much fun packing Kylie's trunk and getting her stuff all ready to go.  They suggested putting each day's clothes in a ziploc bag so she could grab it and put it on easily each morning.  Me being the uber-organization freak, I love that idea!!!  We got her some cute seahorse sheets and a super-soft minky blanket for her bed.
They uploaded pictures for the parents to see from each day, so I would stay up late every night waiting to see them so I might get a glimpse of my pretty girl. It made my heart so happy to see her sweet smile. We couldn't talk to her while she was there, but I sent little care packages for her to open every day and she mailed us a letter! She said most days during her break time she would fall asleep.  Every day they were studying God's word and learning how to incorporate God's word into their everyday lives. I am so thankful Kylie got to spend a fun week with fun, Christian role models, new friends and so many great activities! Thanks TBarM!

 They were hiding from all the parents when we got there!
We caught her peeking!
 Jackson was so happy to see Kylie!
Kylie and her sweet counselor Callie!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

School's Out For Summer!

Mrs. Arabie and Kylie

Well, first of all... where did the year go? It is seriously like I blinked and it was over. The end of the year was so busy with Field Trips and Parties. It was crazy! I am so proud of Kylie for an amazing first grade year with Mrs. Arabie. She excelled in every subject and is a great friend to all of her classmates. Her rock for the year was "friendliness" which I thought was very fitting for her!Jackson finished a big year too! This was his first year to go four days a week to preschool, going two days at Bannockburn and two days at WHPP.  I think he really enjoyed having to different schools to go to.  It keeps things interesting! He made lots of new friends! So proud of my kiddos!