Monday, November 16, 2015

Fall Family Fun!!!

Who doesn't love Fall? I think what I love most about Fall is how it fills my heart with thanksgiving.  Kinda how Thanksgiving fills my tummy with yummy food... haha! I digress... the temperatures cool down a bit, there are soccer games to play, there is candy to eat, pumpkins to carve, feasts to be had, and the list goes on.

Carter finished his first ever soccer season on Team Brasil! I realized how far Jackson had come as I was taken back to his first season. You put a bunch of four-year-olds on a field and you never know what you will get.  Sometimes you get some good action, definitely some crying, but mostly a lot of running around.  It never gets old watching my kids play sports, entertain a crowd, recite the Bible, just about anything.  I am so proud to be their mama.

Jackson finished his fifth season of soccer! Wow! I can't believe how much he has grown as an athlete. He is so much fun to watch. One thing I love about Jackson is his passion. When he plays, he is focused and determined.  He gets knocked down and gets right back up. It doesn't even phase him. He's fast and strong. I think he can excel at just about any sport if he really wants to. We'll see what this guy does! I'm excited to find out!

The kids were really looking forward to Halloween! Carter changed his mind about his costume many times, of course.  He started the day as an Indian and then ended up as a cowboy. That was after he decided not to be the Hulk or Batman. Oh, and he was an Aggie football player the day before! Luckily, we have many costumes for him to pick from! I ordered Jackson a sweet ninja costume which he loved. It is awesome! Gotta love Chasing Fireflies. They have the best costumes. Kylie wasn't too concerned about her costume. I guess that goes along with age. She decided to wear her zombie cheerleader costume from last year, so easy cheesy. She even did her own makeup this year. Sigh... she's growing up so fast. We had fun walking the neighborhood and seeing our neighbors out and about. I'm glad we live in a safe neighborhood with many families and kids!

And, then there is Indian Day! My cute little guy makes the cutest little Indian! This Friday will be his big Thanksgiving Feast where he will be my little pilgrim:)  It was a special day for the first graders at Regents! They got to shoot bows and arrows, make beads, eat dried food, make a fire, and play games.  Special days at school make very special memories. It's nice to get out of the classroom and have some fun!