Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nine Going on Nineteen!

My pretty girl turned nine years old!  Because she loves all things Frozen, of course we had to have a Winter Wonderland party with the family before we left for Great Wolf Lodge over the weekend.
It actually worked out nicely for me since all of the winter decor was on sale after Christmas!
I look at Kylie and can't believe how much she's grown.
She's very mature and independent so I sometimes feel she acts even older than nine, yet sometimes that little girl still comes out when she's whiny or tearful over something silly.  It almost comforts me when she behaves that way because I remember "oh yeah, she's just nine."
Kids really do grow up so fast these days.  There's just no getting around it.  Sure, we can try to keep them from being exposed too much to things they simply shouldn't see or hear, but it is extremely hard.  I want her heart to stay pure and focused on what really matters.  Her relationship with God, over her relationship with her buddies.  Her inner beauty over her outer beauty.
I want her to always know that I think she is the most beautiful young lady in the entire world.  I cherish her uniqueness and even her flaws because God made her special. She is the most special gift to me.  I look forward to growing with her and even to the challenges she will bring m as a mom, because I know I can grow from those as well.