Monday, March 9, 2009

Bad Blogger

I feel bad that I haven't really been keeping up with my blog very well. I will have to just say that time seems to slip by so quickly. Right now it's midnight and I can't believe I'm on my computer and not in bed asleep. Ugggghhh...

Here's some updates on what's going on in our neighborhood!

Kylie has her first big photo shoot tomorrow. I've been wanting this photographer to take her picture for so long and it's finally here. Her outfits are ready, accessories are set, now let's hope she is in a good mood. I did bribe her with a trip to Chuck E Cheese if she behaves and listens well, so hopefully that works! I'll get to be in some of the photographs too, which I am so happy about. I won't have a "maternity" session, but I'm really happy I can get some pictures with her and I together. She is growing up so fast, too fast.

More big news! She got into a private school we applied for in their 4K class. The principal interviewed her and said she was very gifted and completely ready to take on the challenge. Adam and I were beaming with pride when we left. At one point in the interview Kylie said "I'm so lucky because God gave me the best parents." The principal and I were both trying not to cry, because it was the sweetest, most endearing comment. I have never felt so blessed.

Adam is recovering from cutting his finger pretty badly. It was a little mishap at work, that turned into quite an injury. But, he took it like a champ and it's starting to heal nicely. Thank goodness. He's also busy with his Texas Teachers class and preparing to take the big Math exam he has to pass in order to teach the subject. It is extremely comprehensive and difficult material. It's amazing how much you forget from school days!

For me, things have just been really busy as usual. Juggling work and Kylie and trying to get ready for baby Jackson is really taking a toll. We painted his nursery and we love the color. Now, I can actually start decorating the room and getting it all ready. Kylie is still getting used to her new room. It's much bigger than the nursery and she's still a little unsure if she likes sleeping in there. So, I've had quite a few interrupted nights - well, many interrupted nights! The baby seems to be doing really well. He is so active and is constantly kicking and poking me. He's a pretty strong little guy judging from the force of those punches!

Well, I really am going to bed now!!


Ben and Abby said...

That is the cutest thing that Kylie said!!! Love that. So sweet and honest. Take care - and post pics of the nursery when you're all finished! Thinking of you! :)