Thursday, August 6, 2009

Here is a little video of J Man babbling after his bath. He's very talkative, especially to the fan! He's really smiling more now and seems to be a happy baby, except when he's hungry. It looks like he'll be a big boy, already weighing 13 lbs! We've got quite a few nicknames for the little guy: J Man, J.R., handsome, bubba, brother, little man, buddy, and many more!!!!
Just one more week of summer for Kylie. She's had a good time at Champions camp and dance camp and in just a week she'll be starting school. Adam thinks I'm going to cry like a baby when we drop her off. Pretty sure he's right. I just haven't quite gotten used to the idea that she'll be gone all day, every day. I know it's really going to be good for her, but I'll sure miss her!

I'm posting some pictures that we recently took... Kylie in her dance outfit. I think she looks so grown up and pretty in this picture. Then, two from baby Ryan's birthday party. Kylie loves holding the bunnies and they had piglets that were only 5 days old! I love this picture of Jackson in his bathtub. He really loves his bath. He just sits there all nice and relaxed. I love that time we have together.

Well, the kids are asleep, so I should be too!