Thursday, March 17, 2011

April 18th Folks!!!

Man, it seems like a long way away, but this pregnancy is already flying by so it will be here soon I know. We moved my due date up to August 17th today. I wasn't very sure about my "dates" so we used the ultrasound and size of the little peanut to give us a better indication of just how far along I really am. It looks like I'll probably deliver around the 12th (by c-section of course). I liked doing it on a Friday before because it is easier to get help with the kiddos over the weekend and Adam doesn't have to miss too much work.

I have my next sonogram scheduled for April 18th, so we'll finally know what we are having! Yay!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I never really knew the story behind St. Patrick, which I'm a little embarrassed to say. I wonder how many people out there who aren't Christians realize that Saint Patrick was actually responsible for converting many people in Ireland to Christianity. He faced many odds along his way and yet he was faithful and steadfast. He is a great example to all Christians and I am proud to say Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!