Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Irish Wednesday

Kylie was really intrigued today with people walking around with ashes on her forehead. But, it was so funny because she said "today is Irish Wednesday and so all the Irish people have crosses on their heads after they went to church and asked God to forgive their sins." It was really cute how she explained it all to me. Made me chuckle.

My Aunt Patsy passed away on Sunday after being in and out of the hospital for quite some time. I think her body finally had just had enough. My dad drove to Midland and got to see her and speak to her before she passed and she was surrounded by all her loved ones when she earned her wings. I was hoping to get to Midland for the funeral today but I just couldn't make it happen. I feel bad that I wasn't there to be with my dad. I'm glad he's getting to spend some quality time with his family in Midland though. He doesn't get to see them very often and I know he needs that. I am sad that we have grown distant from my family in Midland. When we moved to Austin we just didn't get back there very much at all and now it's been years. Family is so important to me so I don't know why I've let that slip away. It was always a little different for my sister and I because our cousins were so much older than we were. Many of them were already grown ups when we were kids and we were closer in age to their children. Needless to say, this has reminded me of how important family is and you really never know how long you'll have them here.

Spring Break is next week already? I really feel like Kylie just started kindergarten. She is super excited to go to camp a few days next week with her friend Erin. They are going to Main Event, bowling and Gatti-Town. She can't wait and I am so thankful to have something for her to do since Mom doesn't get a Spring Break. I'm going to try a new place for Jackson this week too. It's called KidSpa and is more of drop-in childcare place. It seems fun and I think he'll like it, but I guess I'll find out on Friday. He's been so great about being in new situations so far. He loves school and church and never gets upset when we leave him. I love that! It makes it so much easier for me to leave him.

Baby #3 seems to be doing well. Not much action so far though. I can actually still fit in my normal clothes which is unexpected. I imagine one of these mornings I'll wake up and go WOW, where did that belly come from? I'm anxious to feel some movements here and there. It's a comforting feeling to know the little peanut is moving around and hopefully feeling well.
We start our next book in our missional community this week on Sacred Parenting. I am so excited to read this book and discuss it with the group. I'll make sure and share some of my favorite parts in my blog!